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Hello world!

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I’ve been extended an invitation here to, and I will use this as a space to post my thoughts and ideas about WordPress. I’ve been doing that on my Weblog for over a year now, but I’ll do it here—some entries may get posted to both locations, but I’ll try to avoid overlap in areas where it doesn’t matter. [For example, if I’m talking about WP and something else, it might end up in both places, or it might just stay over yonder.]

Thanks to the WP folks for making a huge mistake generously and graciously offering me a platform here.


Written by Geof F. Morris

Tue 20-Sep-2005 at 16:35

Posted in Site Errata

3 Responses

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  1. Dear WordPress folks,

    You know not what you have done. We would’ve warned you.



    Chris (from L.C.)

    Tue 20-Sep-2005 at 17:40

  2. :chuckle: I fully expect that the person who sent me an invite will get shot.

    Geof F. Morris

    Tue 20-Sep-2005 at 17:42

  3. Welcome. šŸ™‚


    Tue 20-Sep-2005 at 22:04

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