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Let’s See OpenID!

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Sure, I’ve yapped about WP supporting OpenID before, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it again, eh? Six Apart’s TypeKey service is now serving as an OpenID server, and I’m quite hopeful that WordPress will start supporting OpenID, either by rollout of a service for it in WP 1.6 [or later] or perhaps leveraging as an OpenID service provider.

Remember, folks: this is about identity, not trust. Trust can only be established if identity is established first, an argument that I’ve been making about Weblogs for years now.

[HT to Jason Levine.]


Written by Geof F. Morris

Thu 22-Sep-2005 at 15:22

Posted in Feature Requests

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  1. […] It’s almost assuredly too late for identity and discoverability of same to be a part of WP 1.6, but consider this a request for that by the time the next version comes around (in addition to my previous request for OpenID support, of course). This identity stuff is important—and WP has recognized that ever since it rolled out XFN support. XFN isn’t identity, to be sure, but it did start many—myself included!—down the idea that you can map URLs to individuals. […]

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