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wp_title and Pinging the WordPress Codex

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Two minor niggles today.

  1. I don’t like how wp_title() has the separator before the output of the page/entry title. Why not an option to go before and after? I’m good with the default [well, I don’t like » very much, but … meh], but an option would be spiffy.
  2. It would be sweet to have the WordPress Codex pingable. When I was writing up my entry on inverting page titles, I was wanting to be able to TrackBack that entry so that people could see how I was manipulating wp_title() to suit my real-world needs. Using a TB in this case would allow me to contribute to the CodEx with a real-world example without me actually having to mess with a wiki. Don’t make me do more work, and I’ll contribute more!

Now, since the Codex is a wiki, all pings would need to be associated with the version of the wiki; if, for example, wp_title() evolves as I suggest above, or in any other way, my ping is outdated, and belongs only to the revision that was available at the time of the ping.

Yes, I’m asking for a lot, but … it beats not asking at all. [Hey, before you laugh, remember … I work in manned spaceflight. We get asked to make the impossible possible all the time.]


Written by Geof F. Morris

Fri 28-Oct-2005 at 12:38

Posted in Feature Requests

2 Responses

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  1. Just to make a minor correction, so we all know what you are talking about, it’s the WordPress Codex.

    Lorelle VanFossen

    Fri 28-Oct-2005 at 12:58

  2. Changes made. Thanks, Lorelle.

    Geof F. Morris

    Fri 28-Oct-2005 at 13:02

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