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Sam Ruby points to Mike Graves’s discourse on OpenID, LID, and YADIS, and how YADIS can help users from not having to muck with OpenID and LID. I agree, and I also agree with Martin Atkins’s comment on Sam’s entry:

The idea here is to improve things for end uses once we’ve accepted the assumption that there are going to be several identity schemes for a while. We don’t want user interfaces which require the user to understand the differences between OpenID, YADIS, TypeKey, [whatever].

Yes. There is more than one way to do it, and let’s make it easy on the user!

It’s almost assuredly too late for identity and discoverability of same to be a part of WP 1.6, but consider this a request for that by the time the next version comes around (in addition to my previous request for OpenID support, of course). This identity stuff is important—and WP has recognized that ever since it rolled out XFN support. XFN isn’t identity, to be sure, but it did start many—myself included!—down the idea that you can map URLs to individuals.


Written by Geof F. Morris

Thu 10-Nov-2005 at 13:58

Posted in Feature Requests

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