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Why No Atom 1.0 in WP 2.0?

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From Phil Ringnalda, I learn that Ben de Groot has been working to see if Atom 1.0 support will come out in WP 2.0. Apparently, WP 2.0 won’t support Atom 1.0, and as Sam Ruby promised he would, the feed validator will now declare Atom 0.3 feeds as invalid.

I think that we deserve an answer as to why WP 2.0 won’t get Atom 1.0 support out-of-the-box—I’m sure that there’s a good reason, but I’d like to know what that reason is.


Written by Geof F. Morris

Wed 14-Dec-2005 at 12:14

Posted in Feature Requests

3 Responses

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  1. I’m sure the devs have a lot to do and need to spend their time on what has priority. Probably the reason is very down to earth: they can’t be bothered…


    Thu 15-Dec-2005 at 06:31

  2. […] I complained nine months ago about the lack of Atom 1.0 support in WordPress. It’s still a bit stunning to me that, a few releases later, WP still doesn’t have that support. But today, Sam Ruby pointed to Benjamin Smedburg’s plugin that generates Atom 1.0 output for WordPress. Huzzah! […]

  3. WP 2.1: Still No Atom 1.0 Support

    As Joe Gregorio notes, WordPress was supposed to support Atom 1.0 starting with the 1.6 milestone [which, as I recall, never happened and became 2.0]. Mark Pilgrim is frustrated, too. So am I, but this should be a surprise to exactly no one.
    But bein…

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