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Give TrackBack Some AJAX Love in WP 2.1 … Please?

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As I’ve been using WP 2.0, the thing I find myself most wishing for is some AJAX love for TrackBack. Yes, many argue that TB is broken, and while I understand why, some of us are still true believers. Anyway, what is with this space-separated nonsense at this point? Seems like this would be a key place to dump an URI, hit a button, and have another form block open for the next one. It would be even cooler if there were a way for WP to check for the validity of the TrackBack URI upon a Save and Continue Editing run.

If you’re looking for prior art on this, I’m specifically thinking of the “Add URL” functionality in Alex King‘s Tasks software.


Written by Geof F. Morris

Sun 22-Jan-2006 at 19:10

Posted in Feature Requests

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  1. I totally agree to be honest. I’m not a fan of the space separated stuff in general. I mean, from a developers perspective I guess I can understand it, because it’s easier to just have the one field and explode the string based on the space, but really … it doesn’t do anything to improve the UI and is in general confusing. I would say it’s being lazy, but I have more respect for the WP developers then to believe that’s the case. Hopefully it’s something they can get around to working on eventually though.


    Sat 25-Mar-2006 at 11:33

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