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Hoist on My Own Petard

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After I lauded software that publishes HTTP 304-aware feeds, Scott tells me that’s feeds are no longer 304-aware. UHOH!

So I decide to do some investigation. I have a variety of WordPress installations at various revision levels across the server I administer. [Bad, I know!] Anyhow, my results were as follows:

v2.0 RSS2 feed shows up as returning 304. v2.0.1 RSS2 feed shows up as returning 304. RSS2 feed shows up as returning 304. v2.0.2 RSS2 feed does not return a 304.

I have checked the /rss/, /comment/, and /atom/ feeds for and they also show no 304 headers returned.

The comments feed for the 2.0.1 install I have returns a 304 as it should. ticket 2597

Seems that the issue definitely showed up in the 2.0.1—>2.0.2 transition.

I don’t know if this is related to the security fixes of 2.0.1—>2.0.2; if so, I’m okay with it. I’ll take the bandwidth hit on my box over the probability of my box being 0WN3d. That said, this is still an issue.


I really and truly mean that. I’ll take the bandwidth penalty! … for now. Eagle-eyed readers will suspect that I’ve future-posted this entry; indeed, I have. It was written Friday night to give the WP guys 24 hours’ notice. I figure that I owe them that.


Written by Geof F. Morris

Sat 25-Mar-2006 at 21:32

Posted in Bug Reports

2 Responses

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  1. [Widgets|Dynamic Sidebars|Buzzwords]

    Part of me looks on at the new WordPress Widgets with derision: “Oh, great … more fancy-dancy geegaws that distract everyone while some architectural codebase issues go unsolved and good ideas go unaddressed.” Or, well, a mature feed…

  2. Because no one ever thanks bug-fixers …

    … I will. Thanks, Ryan, for running down my bug and fixing it.

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