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On WP 2.2.3 and WP 2.3

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Well, my request for an agreeable openness went nowhere. :shrug: We have our WP 2.2.3, and it fixes the issues that Alexander and others raised. That is very good. Thanks, guys. And for the record, it was 16 days between notice and release. Very good.

Also, the news about the betas has been great. Beta 3 of WP 2.3 is the last one that’s going up, and the new version should drop on Mon 24 Sep [presuming it’s ready; if they miss the date, it’s not a big issue, eh?]. These are the questions I have about it, though:

  1. Will 2.2.x get any support if security holes are found? 2.1 didn’t, if you’ll remember from the 2.2 release notes, but the jump from 2.2 to 2.3 is going to cause some breakage, I think, and that always slows adoption. I’d hope that a reasonable amount of security support would be provided. I’m not expecting that it’ll be kept up forever, but for say, maybe, a month?
  2. Are we going to see a roadmap again? That was always fun. 🙂

Written by Geof F. Morris

Tue 11-Sep-2007 at 20:03

Posted in On WordPress, Security

2 Responses

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  1. Not that my brief brush with wordpress 2.3.0 is proving to be very worthwhile… running upgrade.php blows up, running into the 8mb php memory limit. (even without any plugins activated)



    Fri 05-Oct-2007 at 19:01

  2. Odd … my memory limit is there, too, and I’ve had nary an error.

    Geof F. Morris

    Sat 06-Oct-2007 at 12:56

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