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On Setting Scope

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[Hi. I write here when it suits me.]

Jane’s post on setting the scope for future releases shows that WordPress’s process is continuing to mature. Notably:

  • “Future release” goes away, and features will get slotted for specific releases.
  • “As long as we’re not in freeze” goes away as a mentality.
  • Project planning.

I have a prediction—the first few plans will suck! But that’s true of every project plan. [I know; I’m a project manager.] But I have hope that it will get better.

The embarrassing bug behind 2.9.1 getting so quickly moved out the door has me thinking about testing again. Before I expound on this topic, I find that I better just dive in before I sit here and pontificate…


Written by Geof F. Morris

Sun 27-Dec-2009 at 15:07

Posted in WordPress Testing

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